Injured Birds & Baby Wildlife

Raptor Trust

Raptor Trust is a recognized, well known non-profit organization that rehabilitates injured or orphaned birds of prey as well as any wild bird needing help. By phoning them at 908-647-2353, you will receive information on how to handle your particular situation. Please be advised that we only accept injured birds and baby wildlife from contracting towns.
If a found bird is a nestling and not injured, it is best to return him to his nest if possible. Parents will accept their young back, since they cannot detect the babies being handled by humans. If the nest has fallen, use a piece of wire mesh, cup into the shape of a nest and secure it in the same place on the tree. If the nest is destroyed, substitute a small berry box with drainage holes lined with the original pieces of the nest, sphagnum moss or dry grass. Secure the nest in a tree with a piece of wire and watch for its parents to return.


Fallen Nests

If the bird is a fledgling (feathered, perching, but not fully flighted) on the ground, move the bird to a safe place close by and watch for its parents. If the bird is injured or without parents, it would be best to bring to the Raptor Trust at 1390 White Bridge Road in Millington New Jersey. 

Warm the bird in your hands.
Never give the bird liquid of any kind.
To feed, soak dry dog feed in warm water until mushy. Feed three or four bites from a small spoon handle.
When transporting the bird, punch small holes in a cardboard box, line with layers of soft tissue and place the bird in the box and cover.

If you are unable to take the bird to the Raptor Trust, please bring it to the shelter. The most important thing to remember is to not remove a baby bird immediately from the ground, the parents may be nearby. 



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